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GPSina is a premier provider of cutting-edge GPS solutions for both businesses and individuals. Our advanced service platform offers top-quality services for the vehicle market, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible experience. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and are dedicated to providing professional and innovative GPS technology solutions.

About Us

GPSina: A Global and Innovative Tracking Specialist

Our vision is to provide professional GPS technology solutions and excellent fleet management services to our customers. We prioritise customer satisfaction and maintain a high standard of creditworthiness, seeking mutually beneficial outcomes. At GPSina, our team of dedicated scientists and engineers continuously work to develop reliable, high-quality products and an economic fleet management platform, all with the aim of achieving excellence in all aspects of our business.

Our Solutions

What Our Platform Offers

  • Tracking & Trip Management

    - Real-time tracking and trip history playback.
    - Geo-fencing feature with notifications for vehicle entry and exit from marked locations.
    - Comprehensive trip history with journey start and end information, covering up to 90 days.
    - Easy identification of vehicle engine status through colour coding.

  • Telemetry & Analytics data

    - Monitor sensor values and tracker parameters easily.
    - Access comprehensive journey data including speed, driving behavior (device model dependent), GPS time series data, and mileage.
    - Stay informed about your vehicle's status including battery level, stationary status such as impact and vibration, and other alarms.

  • Theft Prevention & Emergency

    - Paddle lock interface to send notifications if the paddle lock is not locked.
    - Vehicle immobilisation feature to prevent the vehicle from starting by cutting the oil supply.
    - Some models have a panic button that sends emergency messages with GPS location to user-defined phones.

  • Driving Behaviour Monitoring

    - GPSina's driving behavior technology tracks and monitors driver behavior in real-time.
    - Analyzes driver performance and provides insights to improve safety and fuel efficiency.
    - Helps to identify bad driving habits such as harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering.
    - Allows fleet managers to coach and train drivers to improve their skills and reduce risk.
    - Provides detailed reports on driver behavior to help with performance evaluations and compliance monitoring.

  • Alerts & Notification

    - Real-time alerts for harsh braking, acceleration, and maneuvering to monitor and improve driver behavior.
    - Vehicle immobilization feature to prevent unauthorized usage and enhance theft prevention.
    - Notifications for engine ignition on and off, allowing you to keep track of your vehicle's usage.
    - Overspeed alerts to ensure your drivers stay within safe and legal speed limits.
    - Geo-fencing to provide notifications when your vehicle enters or exits a pre-defined area.
    - Vibration alerts to help you identify potential mechanical issues or attempted thefts.

Our Products

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Track Your Vehicles Anytime, Anywhere, All the Time

At GPSINA, we offer advanced and reliable navigation devices tailored for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. With our comprehensive vehicle tracking system, you can have the confidence to drive knowing that you can monitor your vehicle's location and performance at any time, from anywhere. Our user-friendly web-based platform or convenient mobile app allows you to access the system seamlessly. Trust in GPSINA to provide you with the tools you need to drive with peace of mind.

Refund Policy

At GPSina, we do not offer refunds for our products, which are sold at a fixed price. However, if your product is found to be defective or not working, it will be replaced with a new product. Please note that we do not offer cash returns for returns.

SIM Renewal

All GPSINA products come with a pre-installed SIM card that requires a yearly renewal fee. To renew your SIM, you can contact our dealer or our Customer Care Centre at GPSina.

Delivery and Installation

To obtain a GPSina product, you have two options. Firstly, you can select an appointed dealer in your preferred area and schedule an installation. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to arrange for the product to be installed at your doorstep at a scheduled time slot.


What Our Customers Say

BERYL'S CHOCOLATE 15 January 2023

Tracking in Real Time

This not only saves us valuable time and costs associated with fleet tracking but also provides us with peace of mind. With just a glance at the map, we can promptly respond to our customers, ensuring swift and efficient service. The app has undergone significant enhancements, including longer history records and improved interface navigation, resulting in a seamless and user-friendly experience.

By: Yuen Mahn Khuin
Golden Sky Tour & Travel Sdn Bhd 24 February 2023

Simple and Easy to Use

The app is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, making it effortless for us to monitor the real-time location of our vehicles conveniently from anywhere, at any time.

Green Pest 23 December 2022

Reduce Maintenance Cost

The GPSina tracking solution helps us reduce fuel usage and vehicle maintenance costs by 30% while accurately tracking the whereabouts of our crew members to better serve our customers with improved and higher quality services.